Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Circle Mirror

This is my Circle mirror.  I was so excited the day I became a circle member!
The day my welcome package arrived I was at Home Depot and saw this mirror.
It was cricut green!  I bought it and raced home designed the cricut circle
with the cricut head from Potpourri Basket and the circle from George. 
I welded them together with a circle in the middle and them etched
it on the mirror.  Now, a year later, we circle members could just use the
 Everday Cricut Cart to make the circle but I kind of like my mirror just the way it is!!!!


  1. I remember when you posted this on the Circle message board. OMGosh, has it been a year? Yes, I guess it has since I just renewed! Time has flown!
    I love this project and want to make one!

  2. This is so fun. I love hearing how people created the logo before we all got that fun cart!